20 Phrases That Will Turn Your Woman On Instantly

Phrases that turns woman on

Physical touch is an exciting part of turning your woman on since it’s one of the most common stages leading to intimacy. However, not a lot of people are aware of this essential stage of turning a woman on—the use of phrases. 

Phrases, be it directly sexual or romantic, is crucial in moments of intimacy since this is a way for both parties to set the mood, in turn, making their intimacy session a lot more enjoyable. 

With that in mind, here are 20 phrases that will turn your woman on. Remember, you don’t have to strictly refer to these phrases word per word. You can add your little twists for each phrase—just go with the flow and have fun. 

1. “I’m pouring all this chocolate on my body, so you can eat me while I devour you.”

Melting chocolate

Women love it when they’re exposed to new and exciting things—the same thing can be applied for intimate sessions as well. 

Although including food during intimate sessions isn’t exactly new to people, it’s still an exciting activity to do nonetheless. 

When women hear this phrase, they would likely get turned on since they would imagine eating off chocolate syrup from their partner’s body while they’re being pleasurably eaten themselves. 

2. “How can you be so cute and viciously sexy at the same time?”

Nothing can make a woman turn on more than receiving compliments from their partners. Compliments are a big deal for women, especially when they’re hearing them without the need of reminding their partners to do so. 

3. “When I look at you, I can’t help but think of ways I could taste that body of yours.”

If there’s one thing that women love to hear, it’s when their partner would take a good look at them from head to toe and compliment how they look. 

To add a bit of spice to these kinds of compliments, you can add phrases like the one mentioned above. This helps in setting the mood since women would love it when their partner compliments them in a way that they look savory in their partner’s eyes. 

Moreso, this common type of phrase that would turn your woman on would lead them to feel hot and excited since they’ll be anticipating what you’re about to do to them. 

4. “Keep still, I wanna make you feel good.”

While it may be true that it takes two to tango during intimacy sessions—that may not always be the case. 

Women love it when all they have to do is lay down and let their partners take the lead since they like to feel submissive every once in a while. Plus, women sexually favor dominant men. 1

5. “If waking up to your face feels like heaven, imagine what I feel when I pull your body close to mine.”

This phrase is simple, straightforward, and sweet. A woman would adore their partner if they make them feel special and that’s exactly what this phrase is going for. 

Women love it when they receive affection before or after an intimate session with their partner, so telling them you’d want to pull their body close to yours would surely make them turned on2

6. “I’m gonna mess you up so good, you’d be begging for more.”

Phrases that turns woman on 1

Believe it or not, several women experience thrill, excitement, and pleasure from rough intimate sessions. 3

The phrase aforementioned is a great way to let your partner know that they’re going to experience some roughness during your intimate session. 

7. “You want more? Then come here and be a good girl.”

Another phrase that would turn your woman on can be seen above. This phrase is perfect for women who love dominating men who tell women what to do during intimate sessions. 

8. “Nothing makes me so turned on than getting intimate with the love of my life.” 

This phrase is so exciting for a women. Why? Women get turned on when their partners admit that they get turned on because of them. 

Apart from telling your woman that you get turned on because of them, the mere fact that you added the words “getting intimate with the love of my life” makes the phrase even more genuine, and that’s a major turn on for them. 

9. “You look beautiful as you are—but I bet you look better without having all those clothes on.”

This phrase is enough to turn on a woman, in a way that they would appreciate the thought that their partners love them with or without clothes on. 

You may wonder why this is a big deal for women. Well, the fact that there are hundreds and thousands of women that are insecure about their body image makes them think that they’re incapable of finding intimacy with anyone.

That being said, this simple phrase would not only turn a woman on but they would also feel appreciated and a lot more confident. 

10. “Prepare to feel so good tonight you won’t be able to walk the morning after.”

This simple phrase would turn your woman on right after you utter the words to her. Why you may ask? This gives your woman something to look forward to, which is you, giving your full effort in making her feel so good she wouldn’t be able to walk the following day. 

11. “Nothing tastes sweeter than those lips of yours.”

Phrases that turns woman on 3

Kissing is a common stage of intimacy, and oftentimes, this is what people do before they get to the spicy part of their intimacy. 

By saying this phrase, you would be able to set the mood as early as the kissing stage. A woman likes it when their partner loves how their kiss went. 

12. “You taste so good it’s like eating nectar down there.”

Women love receiving oral intimacy, so when you compliment how they taste from “down there”, they will surely get turned on. The reason behind this is if they’re feeling good, they also want you to feel good. 

So when you get this message across by telling them this phrase, it reassures them that you also enjoy giving oral intimacy to them4

13. “When you look at me, I just can’t contain my lust for you.”

Aside from loving compliments that women receive from their partners in regards to their appearance, women get turned on when their partners admit that they’re also sexually attracted to them, to the point that they can’t contain their lustful thoughts. 

14. “Look at me. I want to look at your eyes while I make you feel good.”

Studies have shown that eye contact during intimate moments makes people feel overwhelmed—in a good way. 

When you tell this particular phrase to your partner, they will get turned on by it since the notion tells them that their partner is interested in them. 

Also, maintaining eye contact during lovemaking increases sexual arousal, thus, making both parties turned on. 5

15. “Who would’ve thought I’d end up with your naked body lying next to me?”

Phrases that turns woman on 4

A woman loves to hear words of affirmation and what better way to start than saying this phrase. The majority of women would love to hear that they’re being viewed as desirable and this is what triggers them to be turned on. 6

16. “Those long legs of yours are gorgeous. I wonder what they’d look like when you spread them open.”

Legs are an asset to women and they take pride in them since they get it pampered from time to time. 

That being said, when their partners notice that their legs look good, compliment them, and then add a spice of something lustful, then that’s a sure way to get a woman turned on. 

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17. “I hope you don’t mind me getting rough on you.”

Saying this phrase is another way to turn your woman on since you’re going to give them something to look forward to. Remember, some women love rough intimacy, so saying this is a big plus for them. 

18. “Relax and let these hands caress every inch of your body.”

Arousal doesn’t just happen in an instant for every woman. Initiate foreplay by saying that you’ll caress the body of your partner, that way, they’ll get turned on. 

It’s been proven that being caressed, kissed, hugged, pecked, and all other kinds of foreplay make a woman get more pleasure out of their intimacy with their partners. 7

19. “Keep the lights on so I can see every inch of that sweet body of yours.”

Again, this phrase is another example to say to your partner to get them turned on. A woman appreciates it when they’re being complimented, especially when it comes to their bodies. 

20. “Stay on top of me so I can see how those hips move.”

Phrases that turns woman on 2

When a woman knows that whatever it is they’re doing is making their partners feel good, they’re bound to get turned on. So let your partner know they’re making you feel good by telling them this phrase. 

In Short

Phrases are an essential part of intimacy. Intimacy without phrases would not be as pleasurable, and to some, their intimate moment will be cut short or not as fun or exciting. 

As much as possible, try to incorporate phrases during the intimate moments you spend with your partner. You may refer to the phrases we’ve mentioned here, but of course, you’re also free to add a bit of your own creative twist to it. 

Once you do this, they’re bound to get turned on and love the idea of foreplay before getting down to business with you. 


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