Tantric Meditation For Couples – The 5 Best Techniques You Should Try

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Tantra is often misunderstood as a form of sexual ritual. In truth, tantra is an expansive body of knowledge that focuses on harnessing power, energy, and connection. Its ideology believes that all the power in the universe can also be found in our bodies.

Like other tantric practices, tantric meditation aims to deepen the connection between our inner selves and the rest of the universe by awakening the power of the primordial cosmic energy.

“Shakti” energy can be wildly sensual, raw, and expressive. While half of the cosmic energy is “Shiva,” which is pure transcendence. As these energies expand in your body, it results in increased pleasure, a deeper connection to yourself and others, and better consciousness.

This report will discuss the principles of tantric meditation and how it is different from other forms of meditation. We’ll learn the benefits and how this practice can change your life for the better. Read on below to learn more.

What is Tantric Meditation?

tantric meditation yoga

Tantric meditation is a form of meditation that involves the channeling of energy to transform the body and soul. It stimulates the chakras, or energy points, to align and allow energy to flow.

Tantra believes that energy is the building block of the universe and that it can be harnessed within ourselves. When we harness energy using tantric techniques such as meditation, it can send us into a spiritual experience like no other.

Tantric meditation enables “Kundalini Shakti,” our dormant cosmic energy, to move up from the pelvis to the spine (chakras) until it reaches the 7th chakra, the crown, or your head. As this energy increases in strength, it creates a harmonious energy flow that promotes spiritual awakening, energy balance, and enlightenment.

Tantric Meditation

This energy flow provides numerous benefits, including pleasure, sexual healing, relief from anxiety and depression, increased self-awareness and confidence, and improved overall health.

Tantric meditation combines movement, breath, meditation, mantra, and sound. When done as a couple, the technique will ask you to synchronize your breathing with your partner’s. You will concentrate on each other’s energy movements and colors.

The difference between tantric meditation and typical meditation is its use of energy. While other forms of meditation focus on calmness and relaxation, tantric meditation uses specific forms of energy to elevate you into a higher state of consciousness.

Tantric Meditation Colors

To understand better the goals of tantric meditation, let’s learn its 4 colors:

1. Red Tantra

These are tantric meditations related to sensuality and sexuality and are used in tantric sex. It can be done solo or with a partner and includes sensual touches, eye contact, taste, smell, etc.

2. White Tantra

This practice aids in releasing deep subconscious blocks and the healing of the body and soul. This meditation focuses on alleviating stress, anxiety, trauma, and other deep emotions.

3. Pink Tantra

This meditation combines spiritual and sensual aspects. It’s a form of self-love and acceptance of one’s own body.

4. Black Tantra

This type of meditation is often associated with “black magic,” where it harnesses dark energies to manipulate and cause harm to others.

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What Are The Benefits Of Tantric Meditation?

Since tantric meditation focuses on energy, it can affect you on all levels and aspects of your being. Here are some benefits of tantric meditation:

1. Closer Intimacy & Connection

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For couples, practicing tantric meditation is a good way to foster intimacy and connection. The techniques employ sensual touching, eye contact, and the aligning of energy. It helps you be at ease with your partner and get to know each other at a deeper spiritual level.

2. Increases Sensuality

Couple - Relationship, loveTantric meditation for couples can help restore sensuality in your relationship by increasing your libido and sex drive. While sex or orgasm is not the goal of tantra, it may awaken previously suppressed sexual energy in you.

3. Deeper Self-Awareness

self love

Since the essence of tantra meditation is to harness our shakti, we gain a deeper understanding of ourselves. Meditating with pink tantra teaches us about self-love and awareness. We develop the ability to contact and communicate with our inner selves.

This energy increases our self-esteem and teaches us that we deserve love, happiness, and good things.

4. Reduces Stress, Anxiety & Depression

Acupressure for depression

Tantric meditation helps us let go of negative emotions such as stress, anxiety, and depression. As you follow its touch and breathing techniques, you allow the energy to overwhelm your consciousness and cleanse you from within.

Studies show that tantric meditation on white tara or tantra helps forge emotional states of “great bliss.”1

5. Self-Healing

depression self-healing trauma

It encourages your body to heal and repair itself from any sexual or emotional trauma. Studies show that white tara meditation leads to self-healing. The tantric meditation practices of using projection and recollection help you connect with the female Divine energy (shakti). It fosters feelings of love, compassion, happiness, and the desire to be free from all suffering.1

6. Better Mental Function

man at work with clear mind better focus

The same studies show that tantric meditation affects the electroencephalogram (EEG), which measures brain activity. It showed varying degrees of delta and theta brainwaves, indicating the development of higher mental capacities.1

The delta brainwave is linked to the deepest levels of meditative relaxation, restoration, and healing, while the theta brainwaves are the waves vital for processing information. Individuals who experience higher delta brainwaves perform better in mental calculations, abstracts, and other mental tasks.

Tantric Meditation For Couples – The 5 Best Techniques

Here are 5 tantric meditation techniques you can try as a couple. Remember to start your session with a Namasté, which means “I see the divine in you.” It’s a gesture of honoring your partner. Prepare your mind and free it from any disturbances. Be in a comfortable place and wear relaxing clothes. Then, you may begin.

1. Synchronized Breathing

couple breathing hugAs the name itself suggests, this meditation aims for you and your partner to breathe harmoniously together. This is a great technique for beginners or a first step in your meditation.

  • Begin by comfortably sitting facing each other.
  • Gaze at each other’s eyes.
  • Start being conscious of each other’s breathing.
  • Try to match your breathing to that of your partner.
  • Relax and enjoy the connection.
  • You can do this as long as you want.

2.  Melting Hug

hugging couple

The following technique moves to physical touch and heartbeat. It’s about visualizing your bodies merging as you listen to each other’s heartbeat and breathing.

  • Hug each other as tightly as you can with your entire body.
  • Relax and soften your body.
  • As you inhale, visualize giving your partner love and comfort.
  • As you exhale, feel your partner’s presence.
  • Relax and take all the time you need.

3. Scissors Position

You may need a little warm-up or stretching before you begin this technique. This pose focuses on warmth, sensual energy, and balance. As the name implies, you will both lie on your backs, legs intertwined, sex organs pressed against each other, and your heads at opposite ends.

  • Begin by placing your left hand on the sex organ of your partner and your right hand on your heart.
  • Start breathing harmoniously together, feeling each other’s sexual energy.
  • Now, lie down in a scissor position. Your partner’s leg will be resting on top of your groin.
  • While your partner’s other leg is on your side, you can massage or kiss it.
  • Try stimulating each other’s sensual energy by grinding without letting go of each other’s legs.
  • You are now both channels for the energy that flows through the universe. You are joined at your energetic center, but your energy flows outward.

4. Yab-Yum Or Lotus

yab yum woman on top

This pose is a traditional tantric technique to represent the union of Shiva and Shakti, the cosmic energies of the One. If you’re doing the scissors position, you can easily shift to the yab-yum.

Yab Yum Tantric Yoga Pose

  • Sit while facing each other.
  • If you’re the lighter partner, straddle and sit on your partner’s thigh.
  • Wrap your legs as you embrace the torso.
  • Gaze into each other’s eyes as you synchronize your breathing.
  • Be present, and don’t let your mind wander off.
  • Relax and enjoy it as long as you can.

5. Spooning

couple spooning

This technique is all about nurturing each other’s energy. You will give and accept each other’s energy.

  • Lie on your side as your partner “spoons” or cuddles you.
  • With your back against your partner’s chest, snuggle close to each other.
  • Line up each other’s chakras.
  • Use a pillow or move your bodies so that your hearts, belly buttons, etc., are aligned.
  • Your partner’s left arm can slip under your neck to rest his hand on your forehead (third chakra) or the top of your head (crown chakra).
  • Start harmonizing your breathing.
  • As you inhale, focus on accepting your partner’s energy.
  • As your partner exhales, the energy is sent out for you.
  • Relax and enjoy it as long as you can.

In Short

There you have it! I hope this guide was beneficial to you as you explore tantric meditation for couples. At its core, tantric philosophy is all about energy and connection. Its techniques benefit not just our bodies but also our minds, spirits, and relationships.

Tantric meditation is a great way for you and your partner to explore tantric philosophy. It’s a practice that encourages mindfulness and self-exploration. It strengthens relationships, reignites sensuality, and leads to better connection and affection.
So, go ahead and invite your partner for a spiritual and sensual practice using tantric meditation!

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