Yoni Massage – The Ultimate Guide To This Tantric Therapy

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It’s a misconception that Tantric therapy is only about wild sex and nudity. On the contrary, this practice puts sex on a whole new pedestal. Tantric therapy opens you to new pleasures and turns sex into a mental and spiritual experience.

Yoni massage could just be for you if you’re looking for a new spiritual and sexual practice. It is a tantric massage that allows you to explore your body in a slow and sensual way. It increases your connection with your erotic energy and divine aspects of sexuality. This massage is great for solo play, or you can be adventurous and practice with a partner.

In this report, we’ll go through the basics of yoni massage. Aside from learning the benefits, we’ll also learn the techniques and steps on how you can enjoy this spiritual and sexual practice.

What Is A Yoni Massage?

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Yoni massage is a sexual and erotic practice that focuses on stimulating the clitoris and the vagina. In Sanskrit, yoni means vagina and loosely translates to a “sacred place.”

In Tantric therapy, it’s believed that our bodies store powerful energies in the yoni. The sakral chakra, which is located in the reproductive organs and is associated with sensuality and sexual intimacy, is also linked to negative thoughts, wounded emotions, and trauma. As a result, the vagina is revered as a body part worthy of respect, honor, and pleasure.

Tantric therapy also believes that pleasure involves the entire body, not just the mind and groin. While yoni massage can be sexually pleasurable, achieving orgasm is not the primary goal. For many individuals, the healing massage is more spiritual and emotional in nature.

Yoni Massage Guide

Orgasm is very much possible, but for tantric practitioners, yoni massage is more than sexual pleasure. It’s a way to commune with their sexual and emotional selves. They consider it a form of ritual to praise and honor their sexuality and bodies.

Yoni massage is all about “giving.” If you’re doing solo play, it’s about giving yourself the freedom to explore and experience pleasures. If you’re doing it with a partner, it’s about your partner giving you what you desire sensually with no strings attached.

Yoni massage has helped many practitioners experience orgasms that they have never reached before. Some individuals have also found healing from sexual trauma through yoni massage. To understand more, we’ll discuss the benefits below.

4 Benefits of Yoni Massage

1.   Helps With Orgasms

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For many individuals who haven’t yet experienced orgasms or multiple orgasms, yoni massage has awakened them to a whole new level of pleasure. Yoni massage uses techniques to help women reach orgasms for the first time. It also includes methods that encourage women to have multiple orgasms.

2.   Increases Sexual Awareness & Confidence

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Yoni massage can also increase your sex awareness as you slowly and sensually explore your body. This is beneficial, especially if you feel sexually repressed or uncomfortable with your sensual side.

Yoni massage lets you freely discover pleasurable sensations and brings a sense of tranquility and peace. The massage has helped many women feel confident, beautiful, and worthy to be pleasured.

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3.   Sexual Healing

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If you had bad sexual experiences or trauma, chances are you have a low sex drive or fear sex at all. Yoni massage can help heal your sexual traumas in a slow and purposeful approach.

If you feel pain and anxiety during sex, yoni massage can help you reconnect with your body by approaching sensuality with a positive mindset. It enables you to release tension and reignite sexual sparks and intimacy, either by your own touch or with your partner.

4.   Improves Relationships

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Yoni massage is also a way to strengthen your relationship with your partner. It can be a way to spice up your sex life and strengthen your bond and connection. It also helps improve your expression of love through touch and intimacy.

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How To Give A Yoni Massage: Step-By-Step Guide

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Yoni massage is a form of sensual ritual, so prepare your mind and body. To experience this sensual massage, here’s how to get started:

1.   Prepare Your Mind

Like any ritual, you need to free your mind of negative thoughts and energy. Set aside your judgments and concerns and enter a state of openness and acceptance.

Breathing is an essential part of Tantric therapy. Yoni massage uses Bliss Breath. You do this by constricting the back of your throat and then starting to inhale and exhale with a whispering sound.

Take deep, slow, and audible breaths and force air in and out of your belly. You’ll be doing the same breathing techniques throughout the massage.

2.   Prepare Your Body

Find a comfortable place and lie down. Place a pillow under your head and another on your hips. Bend your knees up with your feet on the ground. Slowly open the legs to expose the vagina. Prepare your favorite massage oil. Coconut oil is often the preferred oil for yoni massage.

3.   Start Warming Up

Foreplay or warming up will slowly start to build your arousal. For yoni massage, you can practice the tantric breast massage to get you started.

To do the tantric breast massage, start massaging your belly with coconut oil. Move to the rib cage and between the breasts. Once your body is ready, you can begin teasing the nipples with light and strong pinches and touches. When you start feeling the fire, you can move to the yoni massage techniques.

The 5 Yoni Massage Techniques

Yoni Massage Techniques

Here are the 5 yoni massage techniques you can try.

1.  Circling

The clitoris can be extremely sensitive as this is where most nerve endings meet. Begin by gently massaging the sides of the clitoris in a slow, gentle motion. Proceed to create circles in the external tip of the clitoris to stimulate arousal. You can alternate making small and large circles and using light to firm pressures.

2.  Pushing & Pulling

This one is quite similar to masturbation of the penis, with the clitoris’ tip as the penis’ head. Place one finger on the left and another finger on the clitoris hood. Start the push and pull strokes. Then, slide your finger down the shaft for more stimulation. Explore with fast and slow strokes to enhance the clitoral massage as you push and pull.

3.  Tapping

Use your fingers to tap on the clitoris. You can use more than one finger and alternatively use fast and slow motions. You can also explore using light and deep taps to see which one your body enjoys.

4.  Tugging & Rolling

Tugging is quite similar but also different from pushing. You gently grasp the clitoris away from the body and release it. Work your way towards the vaginal lips, tug, and release. You can also gently roll the lips between your fingers. You can alternately tug the labia and lower lips.

5.  G-Spot Massage

G-spot is the sensitive spot found in the front wall of your vagina. For many women, stimulating the G-spots puts them at the edge of orgasm.

To find your G-spot, start by applying lube to your fingers. Curve your first two fingers to form a C shape. Gently and thoroughly insert them into your vagina. Start massaging inside and look for a soft, spongy spot directly behind the clitoris.

Continue curling your finger forward, or you can use the “come here” finger movement. Explore between fast and slow strokes with light and deep pressure inside. For more stimulation, you can also massage the external clitoris simultaneously.

Which Oil To Use For A Yoni Massage?

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The massage oil also plays an essential role in yoni massage. It helps reduce pain, lubricates, and can even heighten the sensations. In choosing an oil, preference is still important. Some like it scented, while others like mild and neutral oils. The important thing is to choose an oil that doesn’t cause a reaction and irritation on very sensitive skin areas like the vagina.

Massage oil with plant or nut oil is more ideal since the skin easily absorbs them. Too much oil could dampen your tantric massage because it will leave you feeling sticky. Heavy oils such as olive oil are not suitable for erotic massage as they will make you feel greasy.

Avoid oils or lubricants with sugar or added sweeteners. They could mess up the vagina’s pH level and encourage yeast infections.

Coconut oil is the most common oil for yoni massage. It’s safe and doesn’t usually irritate the skin, particularly on the sensitive parts. Here are some other massage oils you can try:

  • Sweet almond oil
  • Kamasutra Massage Oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Almond oil
  • Argan oil
  • Apricot Kernel Oil
  • Grape Seed Oil

Can You Have Sex After A Yoni Massage?

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It’s not necessary to have sex following a yoni massage. Unless you want to, such as when you’re with your partner. There’s no harm in having sex after a yoni massage. On the contrary, many practitioners swear to have better sexual experiences, all thanks to the massage.

If done regularly, a yoni massage could boost your sensual desires and help you achieve better and more intense orgasms during sex. But again, remember that the goal of yoni massage isn’t to achieve orgasms. Its greater purpose is to help you connect better with yourself and make you more comfortable with sex. It enables you to take control of your sexuality and discover what you enjoy.

In Short

There you go! I hope this report guided you in uncovering the powers of yoni massage. Tantric therapy can help you feel more in tune with your body and at ease in your own skin.

Yoni massage is a wonderful spiritual, sexual practice that can introduce you to a whole new world of pleasures. It can facilitate healing on both physical and emotional levels. It can boost your confidence and make you feel good about yourself. There are many reasons you should give yoni massage a try, so go ahead and explore!

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